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eSynaptic Response Inc.
407 Vine Street
Suite 301
Cincinnati Ohio 45202

Voice: (877) 347-6767
Fax: (815) 301-3225

Our Brands

Club Management Software

Our FirmPOS brand is a leading Club Management and Point of Sale software solution that provides the tools business owners need for success.

We provide both desktop and cloud hosted solutions with support for Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS and Android.


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Fuse Coupons Into Your Website

Coupon Fusion is an online service that allows a business owner to create printable coupons for their website. (without bugging the Photoshop guy or web designer)

What makes it unique is the included coupon design software. Unlike any other offering in the market, we created a graphical, easy to use application where coupons can be created visually.

The software also manages start and stop dates for coupon visibility and with just a few mouse clicks, a customer can ‘fuse’ these coupons into their website.


Coupon Fusion Logo

Slow Down That Song

NPLICITY (pronounced: “in-plicity”) – is the guitarist’s audio player. It’s designed to slow down a song without changing the pitch. Learning songs has never been easier!

NPLICITY allows you to load the song, pinpoint the area you want to learn and slow it down.